Monday, January 27, 2014

In the mix with DJ Romin

Good people make for good music! DJ Romin and I had a practice session a few days ago, basically just throwing the mix back and forth every four or five songs, and kicking around some ideas. 

For those new to the DJ game - why would you want to have a practice session with someone else? Well, first of all, they are going to hear all of your mistakes, or at least you can point it out and ask for input right there on the spot. Another reason is that having another person there can automatically make you a better DJ. Why? Not sure, but from what I have noticed, my mixing gets better when I have someone listening, especially another DJ. 

Plus, when you have practice session with another DJ, you often get a little bonus like this: Romin is proficient in scratching while I love breaks-style EDM. So, I mixed some breaks while Romin did scratch routines on top of them. IDEA TIME!!! Between the 8 cue points on each deck and the 6 sample decks on my Novation Twitch controller, I could have 22 breaks-based loops ready to go that can be scratched over. We'll have to see where this leads.....

So what did I learn from Romin? Plenty. Romin is an open-format DJ which means he goes from hip hop to EDM to reggae to indie-pop and on and on. That means you have to know every mixing technique and transition trick in the book: slams, beat-mixing, scratching, mash-up, etc etc etc. 

Shots of the set up...

Be sure to have a mixing board that you can both plug your audio into - makes it easier to transition!
And....DJ Romin doing what he does best!

My thumb thought it would be funny to photo-bomb this pic...

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