Saturday, February 15, 2014

4 Great Sources for Underground EDM Tracks

When two DJ's meet, two things usually happen:
1. We exchange the secret DJ handshake*
2. We ask each other where are good places to find music online

***ok - there really isn't a secret DJ handshake.....OR IS THERE???

This post is about where I like to find new (to me) EDM tracks that generally trend to the underground. By "underground" I mean not likely to be heard on corporate owned radio stations and not likely to be in the Beatport top 20 of whatever genre they happen to be. But, I don't look at music via the "if it's popular, it must be crap" viewpoint. Sometimes popular songs are popular because they are really really good. However, a lot of the popular songs, at least on Beatport tend to sound strikingly similar. I crave variety, even within my favorite genres, so other I need other sources to turn to.

Free Breaks BlogOne of my favorite outlets for breaks/breakbeat tracks is . Updated nearly every day, they provide excellent free downloads from fantastic breaks producers from around the world. Also featured are in-depth interviews, full DJ sets, and links to the producers Soundcloud and Facebook pages. Free Breaks Blog also maintains its own Soundcloud page which is a great repository of music.

Funk 'n Filth: A great blog that covers the gamut of bass music including hip-hop remixes, breaks, breakbeat, along with some glitch and DnB. Added bonus - with many of the DJ sets available for download, they supply the track list! As a music scrounger, you do not know how happy this makes me. I kid you not, I heard a snippet of a track that I really liked in someone else's set, and it wasn't until a year later I found out what it was. A YEAR. That's like 75 years in normal-people time. Seriously.

Glitch hop/Dubstep/House/Drum N Bass/Moombahton/Electro/Future Garage: Here is the mother load of free EDM tracks. This site is part of the EDM Network family of webpages that feature blog entries and loads of free tracks, with links to the producers web pages. These are the web pages that I refer to as "the labyrinth" - there is so much here from so many sources that you can quickly get lost, in the best kind of way.

Soundcloud: You do have a soundcloud account, right? Right. Me too! Go there now and take a look around. You may be thinking "Ok, there's DJ Daryl Northrop's super dope mixes." Well, yes, of course they are there, but there's more. Who do I follow? What tracks do they produce? Who do those folks follow? What tracks do they produce? Get the idea? Lather, rinse, repeat. Here's a little journey. I follow Kid Digital, a great breaks producer from Russia. He follows Canary Breaks, a group that produces awesome tracks out of Spain, they follow Com Truise, an American glitch/electronica composer and artist. See how playing the music version of "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" can broaden your music outlook?

The sites I've mentioned are just a tiny slice of the music that is available out there. The internet has taken crate-digging to a global level. There is literally no corner of the planet not available to you when it comes to sound. Want to put together an all-Russian set of breaks? You can do it. Fancy a showcase of the best in DnB from Spain? No problem!

Play on!

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