Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fake fame via fake followers via fake comments etc etc etc....

FAKERY! It's all around us, not just in the DJ world. While it seems the quick route to fame, money, success, romance, adventure, it just cheapens what for many of us is a form of artistic expression. Lets look at a couple of examples.

1. "Instant DJ - just add water" - these are scams that have one goal - to separate you from you money with the promise that you'll be able to mix like DJ Jazzy Jeff or (insert your favorite DJ name here) in 2 weeks when it takes everyone else years. The short version is - this stuff doesn't work. Yes, you can learn some basic technical skills in the course of a few weeks or months. But, assembling a music library, practicing, learning, constructing a set, learning how to improvise takes years to accomplish. Plus - this course in particular promises that DJ'ing is merely a vehicle to money, women, and fame. 

2. "Astroturf fame" - which is a clever way of buying fake listens, fake followers, fake downloads, fake twitter fans, fake likes on facebook to make it look like you are far more popular than you really are. This might be tempting, because a few dollars can buy you a lot of fakery. But, when it comes time to total up tickets sold, or the number of people who actually come through the door to hear you spin, then there's no hiding from that truth.

Stay true to yourself, people. Don't do this crap. It cheapens our art, and it cheapens you.

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